On Spetember 4th, 2019 at 1 p.m. during Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Presidents of FAR-EASTERN SHIPPING COMPANY PLC & PCC Intermodal SA have signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which is an official opening for the new regular multimodal service linking Europe with Japan and Korea.

The connection, after successfully completed test phase in August is lauched and ready to ensure to all the producers reliable option of reaching destination between Japan/Korea and Europe within 19 days!

The companies guarantee complex logistics solution, door-to-door deliveries both ends, arrange documentation and ensure flexible logistics and customs support.

Over 10 000 km was planned accordingly:

  • European intermodal service, including door deliveries corelated with PCC Intermodal wide network of regular, daily connections
  • Transsyberian rail path by RŻD
  • Fesco containers fleet and daily services between Vladivostok and over 40 Japan ports plus South Korea, including door delivery at destination.

The partners put into the project their assets, know-how and experience. Both companies have put into operations special teams to secure professional and smooth customer service for the routing. Operational tests were provided and successfully completed. All this so that as well big producers as smaller companies could receive reliable, regular connection linking Europe and Japan/Korea for each single box as well large groups of containers. Currently the connection is offered twice weekly, the aim is to ensure daily connections.

Container transport market between Japan/Korea and Europe is at around 5m TEU p.a.

Containers allow safe, stable and smooth transport, keeping high quality of sensitive products with almost no limits regarding geography as well variety of cargo groups. Still the main and very good transport model is provided by sea, but now, in addition, urgent cargo which need to be destinated twice faster can use the alternative. Competitive intermodal long distance solution, from now on available any time needed.

For more information please contact: east.intermodal@pcc.eu