Door deliveries

Road transport is  an important part of the intermodal transport process. The correlation of road transport and regular rail connections allows optimal results to be achieved, in terms of both: quality (time) and cost, providing intermodal transport services with an advantage over other standard solutions based on only one means of transport over the entire cargo transport route, from point A to point B.

PCC Kutno Terminal

The modern terminal is located directly on the railway line E-20, connecting Berlin with Warsaw. It is near to the main railway line north-south (No. 131) Baltic-Adriatic Corridor, and also close to national roads and motorways: A1 Motorway, E75, DK 92 , „Piątek” intersection of A2 Motorway, DK 1, DK 60. Within a radius of 100-150 km from the terminal there are such a major cities located like: Ciechanów, Toruń, Włocławek, Warszawa, Łódź, Kalisz and Koło.

PCC Gliwice Terminal

Terminal PCC in Gliwice is located in Silesian Logistics Center. It is a fully functional handling terminal, located about 35 kilometers from Katowice, that supports loads of Upper Silesia and surrounding areas. Its great location is also guaranteed thanks to proximity to the intersection of two trans-European transport corridors: Berlin/Dresden-Wrocław-Lviv-Kiev and Gdańsk-Katowice-Żylina. Within a radius of 100-150 km from the terminal there are such a major cities located: Częstochowa, Opole, Bielsko- Biała, Kraków, Dąbrowa Górnicza.

PCC Brzeg Dolny Terminal

Terminal in Brzeg Dolny is a functional transshipment terminal, which operates containerised cargos in the Region of Lower Silesia. Terminal is located near to the PCC Rokita Chemical plants, about 55 km from Wrocław close to the 273 railway line. Directly from terminal in Brzeg Dolny, PCC organizes door deliveries to: Żary, Krotoszyn, Wrocław, Jelenia Góra, Środa Śląska, Legnica etc.

PCC Frankfurt (Oder) Terminal

The facility supports the supply chain flows within the West-East corridor and connects Polish regions with the Hamburg port by means of regular intermodal services – 5 times a week. Thanks to the Frankfurt Terminal, distribution of cargo within the Berlin/Brandenburg region is managed efficiently, while containers are delivered on a daily basis straight to the customers doors in such cities as: Berlin, Brandenburg, Dresden, Cottbus, Guben, as well as Poznań, Szczecin, Zielona Góra, and Gorzów Wielkopolski.

PCC Loading Depot Kolbuszowa

PCC Loading Depot Kolbuszowa supports loads flows from the south eastern part of Poland, is located in Podkarpacie next to the A4 motorway. Within a radius of 100 – 150 km from the terminal there are such a major cities located like: Rzeszów, Nowy Sącz,Tarnów, Stalowa Wola etc.