To all customers
Subject: Refering to the service addidional charges “manipulation fee” valid from 01.01.2022

Dear Customers

We kindly inform that the service surcharge which is added to the agreed transport rates for all the orders for organization of intermodal transport to and from DCT Gdansk and BCT Gdynia,
as from 01.01.2022. (date of loading or unloading the container at DCT Gdańsk and BCT) will amount to:
– DCT manipulation fee: PLN 28,- (EUR 6,2) per TEU
– BCT manipulation fee: PLN 6 (EUR 1,25) per TEU.

The amount of the surcharge is based on the current level of the ‘rail service surcharge’ charged by DCT Gdansk (the new DCT Gdansk tariff is available on the terminal website: https://dctgdansk.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Standard-Tariff-DCT-Gdansk-01.01.2022.pdf) and
the averaged amount of charges for revision of the train and wagons preparation for loading, per TEU, charged at BCT.



New date for re-invoicing the manipulation costs in DCT Gdańsk.

Letter to Clients – manipulation fee II

In reference to incorrect information provided by DCT Gdańsk, we present in details the history, aim and the rules the manipulation fee at the terminal has been calculated.

Detaile explanation refering to the manipulation fee

DCT inform the manipulation fee is being charged for 12 years already in the way it used to be presented from the very begining.

New point in the PCCI official tariff – DCT manipulation fee  – is the effect of charging intermodal operators with the unfounded fees at DCT Gdańsk

The Letter to all PCC Intermodal clients – March 30th2020