PCC Frankfurt (Oder) Terminal

PCC Intermodal terminal in Frankfurt (Oder) is a modern logistics and handling centre which enables quick and cost-optimal support of cargos transported to/from Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Since 2008, the Terminal is an integral part of a regular intermodal connection network operated by PCC Intermodal S.A.. Thanks to its location, it enables optimization of supply chains within the Berlin/ Brandenburg region and is a core strategic junction point for trans-border transportation on the East-West axis. The terminal in Frankfurt (Oder) supports the flow of cargo containers within the East-West corridor. Thanks to the terminal, the company is able to distribute cargo to Berlin/Brandenburg region and deliver containers quickly and efficiently, directly to the customers door.

Door deliveries

PCC Intermodal services include:

– comprehensive network of shuttle train connections between marine and inland terminals

– door to door deliveries:

  • handlings
  • short term storage of containers
  • washing
  • sweeping
  • minor repairs
  • power outlets for reefer and tank containers
  • large volume transport capacity
  • port documentation support
  • transport of heavy containers
  • positioning of empty containers between marine and inland terminals
  • depot services
  • supply chain management consultancy

Current parameters

Container terminal

  • 15234 Frankfurt (Oder), Georg Richter Str. 15
  • +49 (0) 335 284692-23

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