PCC Brzeg Dolny Terminal

The developed terminal in Brzeg Dolny has been put into operation in September 2015. The facility covers 28,000 square metres of operating areas, including 2,700 of storage area, and 4 railway tracks long for 650 metres each, side tracks and a truck parking lot.

The hub is located at a distance of 55 kilometres from Wrocław. It is connected with central Poland by rail – daily services and with Frankfurt Oder (DE) – 3 times a week. Therefore it is an important logistic centre for distribution of cargo in the region, both along domestic and international corridors.

Door deliveries

PCC Intermodal S.A. terminal in Brzeg Dolny is a functional transshipment terminal, which operates containers with cargo destinated to or from Lower Silesia Region. Terminal is located close to PCC Rokita Chemical plants, about 55 km from Wrocław. Directly from the terminal in Brzeg Dolny, PCC organizes on a daily bases links with marine ports in Gdańsk and Gdynia, as well as with German ports.

PCC Intermodal services include:

  • comprehensive network of shuttle train connections between marine and inland terminals

  • door to door deliveries: handlings, short term storage of containers, washing, sweeping, minor repairs, power outlets for reefer and tank containers, flexi tank fitting

  • large volume transport capacity

  • port documentation support

  • transport of heavy containers

  • positioning of empty containers between marine and inland terminals

  • depot services

  • supply chain management consultancy

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  • ul. Sienkiewicza 6, 56-120 Brzeg Dolny

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