In October, Northern Europe and Poland were hit by hurricanes which severely disturbed rail traffic. In connection with critical weather situation and safety reasons, handling operations on marine and inland terminals were suspended.

In the following weeks the critical situation has enhanced of the necessity to carry out many reconstruction works and necessary repairs on railway infrastructure. In October and November serious delays and demurrages of trains have prevented regular timetable – the delivery time has extended.

Most of rail movement on the infrastructure and accumulation of cargo lines at the Polish-German and Polish-Belarusian border still impede of smooth operating in the east-west freight corridor.
The company makes every effort to address the problems and despite the many obstacles to deliver all scheduled shipments as soon as possible. We have taken intervention actions, adapted the timetable to the current situation in order to minimize the effects of cancelled and delayed our trains. We added the supplementary trains.

Customer Service Team is at your disposal. We are doing our best to report all ongoing operations, available slots and scheduled and additional trains. Customer Service Team make every effort to ensure that door-to-door cargo arrives as quickly as possible.