How much does the intermodal weights?

No talking, just facts! Assuming that one donut weighs about 85 grams.

All PCC Intermodal`s employess weight as much as 454 000 donuts.

20 ft container (1 TEU) weighs over 24 000 donuts.

Intermodal truck which carry containers on a short distance to/from the terminal weighs an average 176 000 donuts.

At terminals, PCC Intermodal operates reloading machines reachstakers weighing about 900 000 donuts, and gantry cranes which average weight is as much as 1 700 000 donuts.

The concrete used to build the terminal in Brzeg Dolny weight was equal to th weight of over 170 000 donuts.

In 2020 thanks to PCC Intermodal transport solution we have saved over 300 000 t of CO2 emission. Looks that thanks to that we can eat even 3 529 411 765 donuts! 😉

We wish You all a wonderful last Thursday of carnival!

Keep your weight stable! Intermodal – a better way!