About company

The company organizes domestic and international transport of containers based on the regular rail connections between marine and inland terminals and door to door deliveries. PCC Intermodal network of connections includes marine terminals in Hamburg/Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Gdańsk, Gdynia and inland terminals in: Kutno, Brzeg Dolny, Gliwice, Kolbuszowa, Frankfurt (Oder), Duisburg and Brest.

PCC Intermodal made another significant step forward. The company received the AEOS certificate – Authorized Economic Operator: Security and Safety. For several years, PCC Intermodal has proven to its clients that intermodal transport is a strong and stable link in the supply chain. Granting PCC the AEOS certificate by Customs Chamber in Gdynia, confirms the high quality of the company’s services. During the certification process the company has fulfilled a number of restrictive procedural requirements, such as: improving internal organization of safety procedures, securing access to operating systems, physical protection of terminals and offices. AEOS Certificate is an important asset in dealing with the customs authorities and business partners. Is recognized in all EU member states.

PCC Intermodal made another significant step forward. On March 26, 2018 the company obtained a new AEO-F certificate – Authorized Economic Operator in the field of “Customs Simplifications, Security and Safety”. Promoting PCC with AEO-F certificate confirms the high quality of the company’s services.

PCC Intermodal SA the company operating in intermodal business since 2004, announces the successful SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) examination. After obtaining in 2012 the Certificate AEO-S company, to guarantee its customers the highest quality of service, took further steps in testing the quality and safety of the processes. Safety & Quality Assessment System is a tool for examining and determining the level of safety and quality of operational activities undertaken in the course of chemical products for both inert and hazardous subject to ADR, RID, ADN and specified risk materials HCDG by companies operating in the logistics chain. SQAS is run by independent experts, system quality, safety and the environmental impact of transport and logistics services, including transportation of chemical goods, in the process undertaken by the company under a voluntary survey. Reports are drawn up on the basis of a standardized questionnaire, updated periodically.